Sublimation is a manufacturing process where the entire design of the jersey is directly infused into the fabric. Everything from the colors of the jersey, the striping, logos, numbers, and player names become part of the fabric. The printed design is then pressed onto the fabric at high temperature and pressure. HAMILE ELEVEN SPORTS is one of those companies in Sialkot, who owned his personal big setup having the capacity of more than 2000 Pcs per day. We have 8 Roland printers and 6 pcs of heavy-duty transfer bed top to fulfill the requirements.


HAMILE ELEVEN SPORTS owns 6 embroidery machine to cover up his the embroidery requirement increasing day by day. And our clients always appreciate our embroidery quality standers.


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After receiving heat transferable stickers, decals are transferred on the garments with perfection and accuracy. The transferred artwork of your brand is of high quality and craftsmanship.


We offer more than six-color screen printing directly on the fabric. Since this art and craft is semi-automatic and requires a trained human resource, the latest auxiliary raw materials, and perfect tools. For samples, you can directly ask our marketing team for that.

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